Is Becoming Supermom Really the Only Answer?

Interesting article in today’s New York Times about The Japanese Prime Minister’s efforts to support women, moms in particular, in growing their careers.
I’m excited to see support for women in achieving their career goals and an acknowledgement that there’s a meaningful difference in the realities men and women face in the workplace.
I’m also glad to see continued focus on this issue and the media’s willingness to keep the conversation going about the challenges women face when trying to achieve their personal and professional goals.
What I’m struggling with in this article is what the title implies. Career moms, in order to realize their goals, must become super-human. We must become Supermom, in order to achieve parity with our male counterparts.
What about men becoming Superdads? What about support for men to take on an equal share of childcare and other domestic responsibilities?
Let’s continue the conversation, lovingly raise our kids and look for ways to support each other without expecting anyone to be super-human on an every day basis.
What do you think? Jump in and join the conversation.

Starting 2015 with Girl Time

The boys (my husband and 10 year old son) have been waiting to go skiing for months. So earlier this week they decided to kick off the new year on the slopes. With the boys gone, it meant a girls’ day for my daughter and me.

My daughter loves to stay busy, fluttering through the house from one activity to another. A planned craft activity usually helps the day go smoother for both of us. Today’s activity was making soap crayons. We’d seen the recipe on Creative Galaxy, an Amazon Original children’s program available through Amazon Instant Video.

To make the soap crayons use a standard handheld kitchen grater to grate about half a bar of white Ivory soap into a medium size mixing bowl. Add 1.5 tablespoons of warm water to the bowl and mash the soap shavings and water together with a fork. When well mixed, add five drops of standard food coloring and use your hands to knead it into the soup. After it’s well blended, press the soap into metal cookie cutters to form shapes. Freeze for about 30 minutes to set the soap.

Our hands were covered in food coloring and soap when we were finished pressing the soap into the cookie cutters, but clean up is a snap. Just rub your hands together under warm water and you’re all cleaned up. Well, except for the grater, bowl and fork.

New Year No Resolution

Enjoying another day at home with the kids before we return to our normal routines on January 5th when kids return to school and I’ll be back to work.

The kids are busy on their devices, quote of the morning from my 5 year old “I can’t just sit here and waste time!” as she runs to find her headphones. The Today Show plays in the background for me, playing one retrospective after another only interrupted by stories about new year resolutions.

I’ve decided there’ll be no resolutions for me this year. Instead I’m focusing on my goal to finish and publish my book. And to help me achieve my goal I’m making it public.

Thanks to all my family and friends who journeyed with me in 2014. It was quite a year.

Cheers to 2015, may it be filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity.