Starting With the End In Mind

After I arrived home late last night I tiptoed into each of my kiddo’s rooms and covered their cheeks with kisses. They both looked so peaceful and sweet as they slept. There was a part of me that wanted to wake them up to give them each a big hug.
I woke up this morning in my own bed for the first time in four nights. The windows were open, the chirping of birds travelled in on the cool morning breeze, sunshine filled the room. It was perfect.

Once again I tiptoed into my daughter’s room to wake her up. Before I could get to her bed she sat up and yelled “Mommy!”

I felt like a rock star. I sat down beside her and she gave me a tight hug and patted my back. I missed my family and the way they fill my heart with love.

I spent the last four days in Chicago attending a conference. Everyday was filled, morning to night. It was exhausting, educational and fun.

While I missed my family and wondered how they were doing, the independence felt great too. Knowing I was only responsible for myself was a freedom I don’t often get to experience.

This week it all worked. I was a successful business woman and knew I was a good mom too. I’m going to cherish the feeling because I know it won’t last as we juggle the demands of our busy routine.

Thank you Chicago and more importantly, thanks to my amazing family. You three are the best!

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