Maximizing Time

It’s been a busy couple months. I think I’m behind on everything. I’m sure I’m not the only working mom who feels that way.

On Saturday morning my husband had plans to play a round of disk golf with a couple of high school friends, so it would be just me and the kids.

“Don’t worry, they’ve been sleeping in.” He assured me that during their first week of summer vacation he’d been waking Rhys and Theo up between 8:30 and 9.

“Awesome, I’m looking forward to sleeping in,” I said. We’ve finally made it, I thought. We’ve hit a new phase in our parenting when our kids are no longer up at the crack of dawn. It only took a decade.

The husband’s alarm went off at six and I wake with a jolt thinking I’m already late for work. Nudging his shoulder to turn off the alarm, he rolls over and says “Thanks babe,” and kisses me on the cheek.

My heart finally stops racing and I realize its Saturday and I can sleep in. “Have a great time babe,” I say with a smile and turn back over to fall asleep.

“Hi Mom,” Theo says from my husband’s side of the bed as he slips in next to me and puts his sweet face close to mine.

“Morning Mommy,” Rhys adds as she slips in next to me on the other side of the bed and cuddles in close.

“Hi guys, what’s up?” I stretch groggily and attempt to look at the clock. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been asleep very long.

“We are!” they both say with a giggle.

“Let’s go down stairs,” Rhys says.

“Yeah,” agrees Theo.

I stretch again and hear the garage door opening. Ugh! So much for sleeping in. It’s not even seven.

“Alright you crazy monkeys, let’s go down stairs,” I say smiling.

The sun is shining, my kids are happy, its Saturday. Might as well make the most of the day.

I post on Facebook about my early birds and the fact they only wake up early for me. A friend comments that its because they missed me.

They’re maximizing their time with me. I’ll take that.

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